Henan Dae Sung Reed Co., Ltd.

Henan Dae Sung Reed Co., Ltd.

General manager: Qian Yiqun

Address: 4 Middle Huanghe Rd., Sanmenxia City, Henan Province

Zip: 472000

Tel: +86-398-2851527

Fax: +86-398-2851495

Email: sales@dashengreed.com.cn


We have quite a few sales clerks for contact with local customers . If you fail to contact , please don't hesitate to contact the management dept. in each area directly . All of us will do out utmost to satisfy you.

Henan Dae Sung Reed Co., Ltd. 4 Middle Huanghe Road,
Sanmenxia, Henan
zIP: 472000
Qian Yiqun +86-13703818970
Manager of Foreign Trade Department Ma Anting +86-13503989109
Sales Manager Mu Xueqin  +86-18639801909
Region Contact Tel
Ningxia & Shandong regions Jia Zhiwu +86-13629825166
Shandong & Zhejiang regions Lv Zhifeng +86-18623983918
Hebei & Sichuan regions Mu Xueqin +86-18639801909
Henan & Shaanxi regions Su Jing +86-13343989311
Jiangsu & Zhejiang & Anhui regions Yang Lingchun +86-13939897735
Fiberglass Reeds Business Fan Songtao +86-13569608539
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